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The motto of the Paklenica Riviera is «Where the mountain touches the sea», and that speaks perhaps in the best manner about the region in which you are looking to spend your vacation. It's a riviera situated beneath Croatia's most beautiful mountain, Velebit. Velebit has been officially proclaimed a park of nature, and within it there are also two national parks, Paklenica and North Velebit. At the entrance to the national park Paklenica, Seline is located, a small dalmatian place, with endlessly long gravel beaches, crystally clear sea and kind local people.  Seline is a peaceful place, ideal for spending a vacation with your family.


So that we can convince you that we are talking about an incredibly beautiful part of Croatia, you should know that the english king Edward VIII, accompanied by Wallis Simpson visited  it during their romantic cruise in the Adriatic. Every movie about the heroes from the books of Karl May was filmed here (Winnetou, The Treasure of Silver lake), Kirk Douglas and Danny de Vito made a movie here...

Come and convince yourself!

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